Yongkang Yan



The founder of MICPets, Yongkang Yan, is an animal lover. Although he didn't have pets at home when he was a child, he always enjoyed interacting with small animals and often played with dogs and cats in the neighborhood.

After working, he entered the plastic manufacturing industry and started his own factory. Despite the initial rapid development, he couldn't avoid the changes in the industry. Achieving further growth became particularly difficult, and he found himself caught in a deep spiral of pressure. He would arrive at the company very early and leave late every day, and there was always a dog near the company that would accompany him to and from work. The dog would always look up at him with a smile. Having a brief encounter with the dog each day became the most relaxing and healing time for him.

So, he adopted the dog and named it Huahua. With Huahua's companionship, his suppressed work stress found a release. During a business trip, he coincidentally came into contact with a pet comb. This reminded him of Huahua and the fact that his factory produced plastic products. This sparked an idea in his mind—to create the best products for pets, make their lives more comfortable, and foster closer and warmer relationships between pets and their owners. He began researching the pet supplies market and understanding the production and sales processes of various pet products. Eventually, he founded MICPets.

Since 2001, MICPets has continuously brought innovative products that change the way pets live. It started with pet grooming tools and expanded to include retractable leashes, pet nail clippers, pet puzzle toys, pet feeding utensils, pet smart appliances, and more, totaling over 300 products across six major categories. MICPets has also established multiple pet product brands such as Kudi (Cool Buddy) and provides OEM/ODM services for many well-known pet product brands worldwide. Its products are exported to 41 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.